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Spyraverse Games is the independent mobile game developer behind the popular Spyragon and Spyrazoid iOS games. Based on the same hexagonal diamond-shaped board, these two brilliantly crafted casual puzzle games make your brain think in many different ways and provide two forms of boundless fun.

Spyragon takes the classic match-3 format we all love, and adds multiple dimensions of matching to it, creating a challenging yet clean gaming experience. Three different modes provide a different twist on the core mechanics, and give players multiple options for either a casual on-the-go escape, or a serious brain-intensive enigma.

Spyrazoid aims to create a casual yet aesthetically pleasing experience, with 4 different modes that each present a different puzzle objective. 480 carefully pre-computed boards that each resemble abstract art, and infinite randomly-generated boards provide endless gameplay from easy to extremely hard.

Spyraverse Games first offered Spyragon and Spyrazoid to the public free of charge on the iOS App Store in September of 2021. Within weeks, Spyragon was featured in the “New This Week” games section of the iOS AppStore. Thanks for playing!

Spiro Metaxas

Developer / Designer of Spyragon and Spyrazoid

Founder of Spyraverse Games

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